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Charleston Chapter – MOAA
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Receiving prescription drugs through Tricare's mail-order system will soon require an extra step...
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St Johns Army JROTC

St John’s AJROTC Ball and Awards Ceremony

The St Johns annual Jr ROTC Ball was held at the Charleston Club on Saturday, 28 Feb.
Arriving at 17:45, I was seated at the head table with LTC Robert Smith, Senior Instructor, his date, SFC Fred Cooley, an Instructor with the unit, and Miss Cheishaka Gibbs, the guest speaker.

A receiving line was established by members of the head table to great the attending cadets filing into the dining room.

Approximately 45 of the 60 cadets in the battalion attended. Male cadets were all dressed in military uniform while the female cadets were dressed in formal gowns. . The cadets that were in uniform looked sharp and the female cadets looked as if they enjoyed being dressed up. All were having a good time.

Our chapter’s Outstanding Cadet Award – Certificate and $50 check - was presented to Cadet MAJ Paige Snead. Unfortunately the awardee of the MOAA Medal, Cadet 1st Lt. Curtis Smith was not present and the award was given to LTC Smith in absentia. Presenting the awards was COL Al Smith, USAF (Ret).

The guest speaker was the St John's Battalion Commander during the 2010-2011 school year. She spoke of the advantages of her Jr ROTC experiences and training. Miss Gibbs is in the Army Reserves and is scheduled to deploy in the near future.

LTC Smith closed the formal portion of the Jr ROTC Ball by challenging the up coming seniors to take charge of next years St Johns Jr ROTC Ball and make improvements to the program that had just been presented.

Dinner and dancing followed.
Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA

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