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Charleston Chapter – MOAA
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Naval Sea Cadets

Click here for unit's website

Sea Cadets Awards Ceremony

21 April 2017, 0900

At precisely 1000, Cadet Chief Grant E. Domingo called his unit to post.  In marched a dozen and a half of the most squared away cadets that I have ever seen.  Ranging from 11-18, males and females, all had uniforms that were worn with pride, a marching precision that could match any experienced military unit and an attitude that said, “I know what I’m doing!”

 In front of family, family and six awards presenters the unit was given a rigorous personnel inspection by a national USNSCC representative. Each cadet displayed a crisp performance of the proper inspection routine done by all levels of the military.  All, and I repeat, ALL of the cadets had squared away uniforms and close-cropped hair cuts and, when asked, instantaneous recitation of the codes.  They were ready!  Kudos to the leadership both cadets and adults!

 Cadet Chief Grant Domingo was the recipient of our Outstanding Cadet Certificate and it is readily evident that he earned it with hard work and dedication.  A junior attending Stafford High School, Grant is a member of the Army JROTC, maintains a stellar grade point average throughout his courses – including more than a few advanced placement subjects – plays soccer and does countless hours of community service.  He was a delight to chat with about his aspiration to attend the Naval Academy.

 My hat goes off to the leadership of the Hunley-Yorktown Sea Cadet Organization for what they have done for the unit.  The Commanding Officer, Lt Dennis Doerr, and Executive Officer, Lt Christy Domingo, along with a host of other adults have done an outstanding job molding these young men and women and putting together a fantastic program.

 Keith Rodwell



Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA

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