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Charleston Chapter – MOAA
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Charleston Southern University

Air Force ROTC Detachment 772

Spring Commissioning Ceremony for

2nd Lieutenant Ross Nelson

6 May, 1000

Each of us can remember back to our own commissioning ceremony.  The blend of excitement, pride, fear and hope all mingle with the very same thoughts of family and friends.

Newly minted 2nd Lt Nelson had a cadre of family and friends with him to celebrate during this time-honored ceremony.  Ross’s goal during his 4 ½  years of active duty was always set firmly on becoming a commissioned leader of the world’s best air force.  Supported by proud wife, Aubrey, beaming-with-chest-puffed-out son Roman and feisty daughter Emily these past few years have been a whole family effort to help pin on the gold bars.

Detachment 772 is about to explode into a full four-year ROTC program but the current small group of cadets have bonded together at Charleston Southern University and show us all the bright future ahead for our Air Force. While the cadets organize and completely run the ceremony, they have been well coached by the staff: LtCol Alexandria Watson, Capt Letrisha Castillo, (newly onboard) Maj Kimberly Champagne, and SSGT Brittany Richardson,

The ceremony started precisely at 1000 and followed a traditional sequence of events:

·      Opening Remarks

·      Arrival of Official Party & Commissionees

·      Presentation of Colors & National Anthem

·      Invocation

·      Remarks by Keynote Speaker,    

Colonel John D. Lamontagne, Wing Commander 437th Air Wing

·      Oath of Office

·      Official Pinning

·      Presentation of Commissions

·      Closing Remarks

·      Singing of the Air Force Song

·      Departure of Official Party

All followed by a brief reception

The most endearing portion of the program is part of the “Official Pinning & Introduction of the Commissionee”.  Members of the family attached the emblems of rank to the uniform of Lt Ross, he spent a few emotional minutes describing his journey thus far (Ross didn’t break the tradition of shedding few tears) and then he received his first salute, trading a silver dollar for that honor.

We all can rest assured that we have a fine leader continuing in the ranks of the world’s finest military!

Keith Rodwell

Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA

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